Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Updates and this blog

Hello all,

Due to a recent spike in traffic thanks to the chaps and, I presume, chapesses at and several requests to add more content to the blog coming in various forms. I thought I should probably post a quick message to explain why the blog hasn't been updated since January.

The reason is quite simple.

I ran out of things I knew enough about to feel comfortable writing about, then publishing to the world. I was already pushing at the boundaries of what I was knowledgeable enough to talk about when I started the blog So by the time it came to my last post in January I felt I had tested those limits as far as I could.

I'm a firm believer in knowing when you've reached the limits of what you know and being confident enough to say 'I don't know'.

One of the big issues that I think affects the teaching of Judo in the Anglophone world is that too few coaches feel able or are willing to admit when they don't know something. There is incredible pressure on people once they reach their black belt, to suddenly have all the answers, and if you're in a coaching position or role at a club, this is increased exponentially.

Due to this pressure, I feel too many coaches, try and give answers to questions they don't really know the answer to and try and teach techniques they don't really know how to do, let alone understand at a fundamental conceptual level.

To that end, I say with some pride that this blog represents the sum total of my limited current knowledge of Judo. As and when I learn more about Judo or gain new insights into techniques or concepts I will post again. Until then, however, I must admit that the answer to your question is 'I don't know'.

Ganbatte and remember, never miss practice.


  1. I appreciate the work and thus linked to it a couple times at Bloody Elbow for the Iaskevitch roll.

    However, I am dismayed that you feel you've reached the limits of what you feel comfortable explaining. Did you ever find a more concrete thought about the kuzushi element? I'm beginning to pick up more and more judo now in my BJJ and it's tricky.

  2. PointyShinyBurning23 August 2012 at 12:40

    Suggestion to deal with problem: guest posts.

  3. As your knowledge and confidence grow, I hope you will continue to post.

    I also hope others see the excellent style of your posts and learn from it. It really is unmatched.

  4. Do you know anything about alternate belt grips? Like the georgain grip, front belt grip, 2 on 1?

  5. I think you have the right attitude. Thank you for having shared your knowledge.

  6. I like you even more now. Black belt carries a weighty assumption: that you're now an expert. People are in too much of a rush to provide answers and cut short the work associated with the question. Or want answers in lieu of hard work, so on/so forth, hence "the difficult way" ;-)

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  8. Hi,

    Just found this blog and I am impressed. I see you havent updated since 2012, but I will certainly be learning from the content already posted. Thanks for your work.


  9. very nice post
    two thumb up for you ^___^

  10. Seems like a good rationale. I really appreciated your segment on Tai-Otoshi. I think that if you were looking for topics to continue on, perhaps you could offer commentary on Judo news, such as the recent rule changes. If you don't feel comfortable offering commentary, maybe you could just provide links and paraphrase relevant news. I think there's a plethora of Judo-related topics out there; from Ronda Rousey's latest victory to the new requirement for IJF endorsed gi's. Thanks for your contributions.