Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Why this blog exists.

This blog grew out of a project I started on the Martial Arts website 

It was originally a series of weekly or at least regular articles on fundamental aspects of Judo technique that I had been taught, but thought were neglected in many clubs.

They were pompously titled 'The Fundamentals of Judo' a rip off of the Hosaka sensei devised BJC 'Fundamental Principles of Judo'.

Having received positive feedback I decided that I would open my ideas up to more than just the posters at Bullshido. In the hope that maybe my ideas might be helpful to others.

Hopefully others will find the information here useful.

If you find something here you like or a technical insight that helps you please pass it on.


  1. I would like to express my appreciation to you for starting this blog. Please keep adding to it!

    I'm only an ikkyu but I've already fallen into a teaching position at my club. I don't have an instructor to feed me knowledge, so I depend on the internet to keep learning. Your articles are some of the most valuable that I've found!

    I wonder if I was part of your inspiration to write your "Fundamentals of Judo" series? I started this thread on judoforum:

    ... to which you replied with some excellent pictures. Shortly after you posted your first article on bullshido about Tsurikomi and the Triangle. Coincidence?

  2. Hi, thanks for this rather excellent blog. I've been keeping notes on judo the last 6 years, attempting to fill in the incredible gaps that exist in judo teaching, trying to stitch together a coherent appreciation of the hows and whys of judo. Your blog has advanced plenty of topics that I started on too.

    I started judo late in my life, so my preoccupations about the art have eventually become very different to that of an angsty 18 year old.

    Your honesty to call a spade a spade is refreshing. As is the context is which you set your explainations. I've since stopped training as I have no more options where I live. But my interest is still very much alive.

    Keep up the great posts!

  3. really enjoy reading your blog. please keep up the good work. i know its been long but i hope you will one day add more material